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    Dear Guests,

    In summer 2020, we achieved to offer the safest accommodation to you adopting special measures, in accordance to the World Health Organization, the Government Health Authorities and getting certified with the National “Health First” Certification by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.
    Our Achtis team is dedicated to ensure for another summer your well-being, so you and your beloved ones remain confident and feel better cared for than ever, without affecting the one-of-a-kind experience.
    We are really looking forward to welcoming you again on the 21st of May 2021 and offer you a place where you can feel safe, you can relax and you can create more unforgettable moments!

    Stay safe and we are here to make your dreams come true!


    (Summer's 2021 government's protocol)

    Before departure,
    A. You must ensure that you have some kind of certification of your health condition:
    - a vaccination certification by an appropriate authority or
    - a negative PCR test from a laboratory, maximum 72 hours before entry
    (All certificates must include the critical information in English and the full name must match with that of the passport or other travel document)

    B. You must fill in the special PLF (Passenger Location Form) 24 hours before traveling and no later than 23:59 of the day before arriving in Greece. You can complete it here:

    On arrival:
    Sampling RAPID antigen tests at the entrance gates, the selection of individuals drawn from a targeted sampling system, based on the EVA system used in the summer of 2020


    General cancellation policy:

    • The deposit in non-refundable in any case
    • In case of cancellation at least 31 days prior to arrival, there are no extra cancellation fees.
    • In case of cancellation between 30 to 7 days prior to arrival, cancellation fees are equal to 50% of the total amount of your stay.
    • In case of cancellation 5 days before your arrival, arrival day, non-shown, modification or early departure, the cancellation fees are equal to the total amount of your stay.

    For bookings with ariival date up to 10 May: we would be happy to give you the chance to use the deposit you already paid in season 2021 or 2022.

    Cancelled flights:  For those whose flight was cancelled due to the travelling restrictions, we would be happy to give you the chance rebook in season 2021, using the deposit you already paid. 

    In the event of closed boarders: we will be happy to help you move your booking dates, in season 2021 or 2022.





    • All staff is trained on hygiene, prevention and PPE use.
    •  Staff is equipped with PPE to guarantee everyone’s safety.
    •  Staff will be temperature measured in the beginning of each shift as part of individual responsibility.

    Public areas

    • Public areas will be undergoing intensified cleaning & disinfection across all high-volume touchpoints, with extra attention to high contact areas and rest rooms.
    • Health stations with disinfectant dispensers are locates throughout the hotel.
    • Daily natural ventilation of all areas will be operating.
    • Elevators to be used by one person, families or guests of one room at a time.
    • Guests are required to disinfect the hands upon entry and exit from public toilets.
    • Social distancing specifications in recreational areas and pool area apply.
    • Areas or spaces that are marked as undergoing the cleaning procedure must not be used.


    • In every entrance will be sanitization stations.
    • Comfortable check in in the outdoor living room, with safe distances and staff with PPE.
    • Guests will be handed with Health & Safety instructions.
    • Disinfection of all equipment (room keys, entrance/bar cards, pens and POS).

    Guest rooms

    • Complete cleaning and disinfection of rooms, bathrooms and all high touchpoints
    • Social distancing between cleaning staff and guests.
    • Disinfection of all furniture made out of fabric with steam cleaners and disinfectants.
    • All cleaning and disinfectant materials used are non-toxic and safe particularly for people with allergies. Use of industry- leading  cleaning and disinfection protocols.
    • Ventilation of rooms during every cleaning and after evacuation.
    • A/C cleaning after departure.

    Bar - Restaurant - Breakfast

    •  Hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance.
    • Disinfection of chairs and tables with UV Sterilizer before and after each service.
    • Safe distancing between tables/chairs.
    • One family per table at time.
    • Buffet styled breakfast, served only from the staff.

    Pool and Pool area

    • Disinfection of sunbeds and pool area.
    • Safe distancing between sunbeds.
    • More often water quality test will apply.

    Guests are advised to:

    • Undergo a test prior to their arrival.
    • Maintain social distancing all times.
    • Wash and disinfect your hands frequently and especially when you are in public areas.
    • Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.
    • Cover your mouth and nose of you sneeze or cough.
    • Report any symptoms of illness to the reception and stay in your room.
    • Guests are required to follow and respect the safety instructions.

     Gym: Pre-booking, excersing only per person/couple.

     Spa:Pre-booking and all the safety and hygiene measures will apply.

     Doctor: Doctors on call 24/7 to provide special care to our guests.

    We would like to thank you for your support and we will do out best for your safety and wellbeing.


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